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It’s so hard to believe that just three months ago, we listed our home for sale and had fingers crossed to be moved to Florida by Christmas. Here I am in September typing this post from our apartment, all moved in and everything. Our first month here was busy and hectic and messy and wonderful and we’re so, so happy with our decision.

I thought I’d have to constantly remind myself reasons we moved and need cheering up, but instead, I wake up every morning wondering why we didn’t move back home sooner. I’m so thankful for all of the love we’ve gotten the past month and I wish I could hug all of y’all!

I generally did most of the driving when it came to our monthly Florida drives, but there was noooooo way I was driving this guy! I tried telling myself that it was just like when I drove at Kilimanjaro Safaris, but I kept psyching myself out even thinking about maneuvering this through a gas station. I mean… Look at this thing!


Nathanial to the rescue! <3 He had me swooning with every lane change.


Huck and I just chilled. :)


This was Huck’s 9th move in 9 years. He’s a total pro.


Nate was unpacking and found the very moment I was over this move. ;)


Even though Huck’s a great travel companion, he’s apparently not a fan of the crazy that a home sale brings. He needed a little tummy medicine time. :(


August was full of visits with friends! First up was meeting this little man, “Riley Nathanial.” <3

427 428

Then began our college send-off tour! :( We’re heartbroken to lose our favorite assistant Lydia, who’s headed to George Washington University. Nate’s brother dropped by to say goodbye on his way to school in Texas.


Last but not least, we bid farewell to Sara, our Atlanta-bound “fairy goddaughter.” We will miss this face so much! <3


I forgot about Florida sunsets! <3


Of course, the highlight of our month was becoming Disney annual passholders for the first time in years.


The parks are always more fun with friends. And wine. Lots of wine. <3


We watched Illuminations with our own eyes, not through a camera lens! Well… except for this one photo Nate grabbed. :)


We got to go on a super special backstage tour of the American Idol Experience the week it closed. More photos of that over on the DisRoots blog. :)


You know that uh-dorable couple on the header of our Root Photography Facebook page? Well… We were finally reunited!


And met her ridiculously gorgeous offspring, Sadie Sally! <3


Of course, the highlight of my year has been spur of the moment park dates with Nathanial. I was a little burnt out one night and Nate stood up, announced we were heading to the Magic Kingdom, and we drove 13 minutes to the park. One dinner in the park and spin on the Mark Twain Riverboat, and I was in heaven.


I can’t even believe all those things happened in one month! What a ride it’s been and now we’re one month closer to cooler weather. :) I hope you’ve all had a wonderful end to your summer and I’ll be back to sharing pretty wedding photos soon! <3


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Two years ago, my nephew was born, and I’ve been obsessed with him ever since. Look at this kid.

Quinn’s family drove 8 hours each way just to spend a few days with us in San Francisco this summer, and my heart has been overflowing since! I can’t believe it was a year ago that we spent a month with them in Oregon, and even though we Skype with them all the time, seeing how much the kids have grown in a year was amazing. Quinn is fiesty, curious, brave, and so incredibly intelligent. He’s truly my brother’s son, and it’s been one of my greatest joys in life watching him grow!

He’s at such a fun age now where he really understands you. He can put things away, is a pro at saying (well, adorably shouting) “THANK YOU!” anytime you do annnnything for him. He loves helping out with Kinley and when he’s not accidentally sitting on her or nearly killing her with a toy, he’s shaping up to be a pretty good big brother.

Of course, my favorite part of our Quinn time in San Francisco was seeing how much he loooooved Uncle Nate (or “Mang,” as Quinn would correct me.) I love this photo of him walking around in “Mang’s” shoes. <3


Seriously our biggest critic and someday assistant. I told him I don’t have time to be changing our assistant’s diapers on the job, so we’ll have to see about an internship down the road.


Eskimo Quinn, I love you more than you know! I hope you love the workbench we sent you!! :)


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