This is my first Floridian fall in 5 years, and luckily, I’ve been taking it better than I thought I would. Yes, I get a lump in my throat at the mere glimpse of the intro to Gilmore Girls, but I’m not huddled in a corner crying about missing my leaves, you know? That being said, I’ve been counting down the days to Kellie’s Memphis wedding since the day we sold our home! It came at the perfect time, and Nate and I got to see the last wave of colored leaves during our visit before heading home to the land of palm trees.

Kellie and I bonded in our Spanish I class – I was the nerdy, Disney-obsessed senior who chose Spanish I over sitting in a study hall, and Kellie was the cool freshman. I was so surprised when she contacted us to photograph her wedding and excited to catch up with my favorite chica, who now teaches at our alma mater. How crazy is life?!

Dixon Gallery & Gardens Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee

Dixon Gallery & Gardens Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee

Auuuuuutuuuuuuuumn! <3

Dixon Gallery & Gardens Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee

Kellie and Derek were married at Dixon Gallery and Gardens in Memphis. Kellie had so many unique touches to her wedding- And did I mention she made her own letterpress invitations?! Check out her work at Pretty Penny Paperie! <3

Dixon Gallery & Gardens Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee Dixon Gallery & Gardens Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee Dixon Gallery & Gardens Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee Dixon Gallery & Gardens Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee Dixon Gallery & Gardens Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee Dixon Gallery & Gardens Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee

Dixon Gallery & Gardens Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee

Kellie and Derek, thank you for being so patient waiting for these!! We can’t wait to share the rest soon! :)

Dixon Gallery & Gardens Wedding in Memphis, Tennessee

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Don’t read until you’ve finished Lindsey and Derrick : Part 1! It’s a good one. :)

We were all afraid it’d start pouring buckets minutes before the ceremony, but Lindsey wasn’t the least bit concerned. I’m pretty much convinced her good mood alone held off the rain! Sure enough, just as she started her walk down the aisle with Dad, the sprinkles stopped. :)

Words can’t express how much we loved the soft, even light provided by the canopy of trees at the Dixon Art Gallery. :)

Possibly my favorite two of the whole day – Nate grabbed these when Lindsey and Derrick were enjoying their first minute together after being pronounced man and wife. :)

Waiting to be announced into the reception :

Their sweet first dance was to “Our Love is Here to Stay.”

There wasn’t a dry eye when Derrick and Grayson danced their very own father / daughter dance to Amos Lee’s “Sweet Pea.”

Lindsey and Derrick, thank you for picking us. Can’t wait til our next family session! ;)

For all you Tennessee brides-to-be or friends of : We’re offering some serious promotions to our first few Tennessee weddings, so if you’re engaged and want us at your wedding, please contact us. We can’t wait to meet you! :)

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Oh, how I loved this wedding.

I’ve known Lindsey since the 5th grade. 6th, perhaps? Either way, she was truly one of the sweetest, nicest girls. One of those people who you always wanted to be friends with, because she just seemed like she’d be good at it. Every single memory of Lindsey in my mind has her with this giant grin across her freckled face, and that makes me happy. :)

Lindsey was about to send a retainer check to a Memphis wedding photographer, when she suddenly had the urge to check and see if we were booked on her wedding her day. As luck would have it, we were not only available, but moving to Nashville the week before her wedding! Timing could not have worked out better, as 4 days after moving into our new place, we drove to Memphis to shoot what turned out being one of our favorite weddings of the year. :)

Lindsey and Derrick met each other when neither of them were looking for a relationship. Their first meeting was the ideal blind date- They were set up through two mutual friends who convinced them to come to a group hang out – No pressure, and they were each secretly told that their friends thought the other would be a great match. Sure enough, sparks flew, and a year later, Derrick was whisking Lindsey off for a surprise trip to New York over Christmas where he popped the question… In Rockefeller Center, one minute before the tree lighting! I don’t think it gets much more romantic than that. :)

They truly had my second favorite First Look, ever… Second only to my own wedding day. :)

Lindsey and Derrick put so much trust in us – We were able to make their time line from scratch and carve out 45 minutes for portraits of just the two of them, plus all of their group photos before the ceremony. It was the easiest wedding day ever – After the wedding, the hard work was “done” and we all moved on to the cocktail hour and reception. :)

Lindsey was so darn gorgeous on her wedding day, I felt like I was shooting a celebrity!

Of course, Derrick isn’t hard to look at, either. ;)

I was so excited when Lindsey told me they were getting married at the Dixon Art Gallery in Memphis. I’d been on countless school field trips there, but had no idea how expansive the gardens were. It proved to be a giant playground for us and our cameras. :)

I loved how close Lindsey was with her daddy.

Have I mentioned that Lindsey and Derrick have the most adorable baby girl in the universe? Meet the most adorable baby girl in the universe, Grayson!

Cutest little family ever. :)

Click here to visit Lindsey and Derrick Wedding II. :)

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I had to share some favorites of newlyweds Lindsey and Derrick with their adorable baby girl, Grayson. :) Since Lindsey and Derrick opted to do a First Look and give us tons of time for photos, we were able to do a mini-family session with them.

The light from the Dixon Art Gallery made this wedding photographer a happy girl.

Favorite father / daughter dance ever. Derrick took Grayson for a spin around the dance floor to to Amos Lee’s “Sweet Pea.”

More from their wedding to come soon! :)

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