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Hey, guess what! Earlier this year, I launched a personal blog, Jensey Loves. You can find it on and it’s full (er, will hopefully *soon* be full) of our non-wedding and portrait related adventures. A lot of Disney, there will be a lot of product spotlights and reviews of things we love, tons of nephew and niece love. Basically, you should bookmark it if you wanna read about our personal life. Or don’t, that’s cool too. ;)

This week, I blogged about the great “Gallbladder Gate” of 2015, so if you wanna read about our hospital adventure, you can read that here! Hoping to post a couple times a week over there, so I hope to hear from you soon! :)


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A few times a year, I tend to find myself in what I like to call, “the-sky-is-falling” mode.

It doesn’t take much- Whether it’s a couple weeks without a wedding inquiry, maybe a month without a booking. Maybe, oh I don’t know, closing on a new home? But occasionally I become completely and utterly convinced that our life as we know it is over, and the bookings are gonna stop. Just like that. That’s the scariest part of being self-employeed- I know we’re good for this year, but that’s about as far out as the headlights allow me to see. I always thought that once we’d been in business ~5 years, I’d start feeling a sense of peace that we’re ok. But 9 years in and I still get as anxious as year 2 whether or not people still want us around.

This is where Nate comes in: he’s always able to read what part of the sky-is-falling spectrum I’m on in any given moment of time. Whether I’m just being unusually quiet in the car or sobbing before bed, he knows exactly what to say and do to make it all better.

I’m just grateful that even though our headlights only go so far, Nathanial’s the one driving the car.

Happy birthday, Bug. I love you more with each second and can’t wait to spend another year holding your hand. :)


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“Our” two big months have always been February and December. December because I’m a bit Christmas obsessed, and we were engaged and married that month. February because it’s the month we met, started dating, adopted Huck Finn, and now? Closed on our Florida home. <3

We really thought our Nashville home was “it.” The one we’d hopefully raise a family, play in the yard, have family meals at the kitchen table, the whole she-bang. Obviously that wasn’t the case when we realized our “roots” were in Florida, both personally and professionally, and moved back home last August. The real estate market here is so much different, of course, and I thought I’d never find a home I loved as much as our first.

We started looking into pre-existing homes and nothing jumped out at us, but then realized in Orlando, you can build a home in some areas for the same cost as buying. I loved the thought of picking my own paint colors and wall outlet spots and kitchen cabinets, so we started the neighborhood hunt! At first my priority was to be as close as possible to Disney, but when it came to envisioning our “everyday” life, I kinda liked the idea of not grocery shopping with tourists. (Nate’s always quick to joke that when we lived in Celebration, I felt like everyone in Publix was always wet and wreaked of sunscreen, like they just jumped out of a pool on 192.)

Annnnnnnd then, a friend took us to a neighborhood where I found my dream family floor plan. And my dream lot. In my dream city, Winter Garden. We happen to only be ~10 minutes from where our good friends are also building a home, and the same distance from where our best friends hope to move in a few years. We run into more friends at the Winter Garden shopping plaza on any given month than we did in our four years of Nashville life combined! Of course, the one thing we don’t have control over is our neighbors, so let’s cross our fingers for some new best friends! And if you’re reading this and looking for a home in Winter Garden, I bake cookies for our neighbors around the holidays and would love a sitcom-worthy best friend for daily coffee chats. I even drink coffee now and have a Keurig and the lot next door is still available. Just sayin’.

We are fiiiiiiiiiiiinally home, friends. And as of 3pm today, the legal papers have been signed, and our new key in hand.

This marks our 10th move in 10 years and oh man, I hope this is it for us! :)

Please be patient as we put our work and email on hold the next ~10 days to settle in! <3


We have a whole series of these which makes my heart explode and I can’t wait to make a coffee table book of them!


My favorite part of this whole process were our close friends and family members who took the time out of their lives to come see our home in progress. We know it wasn’t as exciting for them as it was for us, but I felt like a kid on parent teacher night proudly showing every closet and light switch. ;) Hopefully we’ll continue this photo tradition with any guests that visit our home and if our family ever grows! I’ll post the whole series when life calms down a bit, and hopefully, some interior photos if we manage to conquer the mountain of cardboard boxes that lie ahead.

Yay for new life chapters!!! <3



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Happy adoption day to Huckleberry Finn! <3

Pomeranian Puppy

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Almost 11 years ago, Nathanial Root told me on our first date that while he loved photography, he would never become a portrait photographer because photographing people was “too awkward.”

Not even a year later, Brian Adams hired Nate right out of college for some help with his web design, which in turn led to Nate coming along to assist at some of Brian’s weddings, which then led to Nate’s roommate asking him to be his wedding photographer. Got it? Good. :)

It was nine years ago today that Nathanial photographed his first wedding. 

Oh, the lessons we learned from this wedding, from needing to bring double the memory cards and batteries he’d budgeted for to the hard lesson of not ever, ever, ever following a member of the bridal party to the reception and navigating yourself. (Of course, this was before our phones could navigate and we owned a GPS!) Nate was so glad I was there to be able to help when he was stressed, and I came along to his next wedding as an assistant, and the next, and the next… :)

I was so thankful Nate had put so many hours in assisting Brian and can’t imagine the mistakes we would have made those first few weddings without seeing how Brian worked first. He was the best mentor we could have asked for, and I know so many things we still do today stem from his example.

While I’ll forever cringe at photos from our first weddings (not the photos, but the editing. Ohhhhh, the editing!), I’m still so proud that Nate, who never ever wanted to photograph people, took a chance and photographed Bethany and Mike’s wedding. I can’t even begin to imagine where our life would be now otherwise!

Bethany and Michael, thank you for taking a chance on my sweet husband. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! <3



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