The past four years have been a roller coaster of a ride, to say the very least.

When Nate and I first moved to Nashville, we had dreams of raising a family where our kids would know their neighbors, play in the streets, and grow up with snowflakes and fireflies amid the rolling hills and southern accents.

We landed in TN because I grew up outside of Memphis and desperately missed the south, and back in 2010, half of our weddings were Orlando-based and the other half were all around the country. Our thought (and hope) was that some day, it wouldn’t matter where we lived since our market had grown increasingly destination based.

But then a funny thing happened: We moved, bought a home, and then our Orlando market grew stronger and stronger. We still photograph a handful of weddings around the country each year, but certainly not half. It wasn’t uncommon that we could spend more days out of Tennessee than in it during the busy wedding months. Fall is my favorite season, and we were only home in Nashville for one week when the leaves were changing. I spent the entire week editing because we’d just returned from a two week Orlando trip and were gearing up to leave for another three!

Don’t get me wrong- we’re beyond grateful for our Florida couples because this business wouldn’t be around without without them. (And getting a chance to return to Disney and friends was always a huge plus!) We didn’t raise our prices when we moved because we knew we needed to keep that market, and in the end, I think that’s the smartest decision we made. As much as we adore Tennessee, the feeling wasn’t mutual and we only booked a handful of weddings while living here. Fast forward to this past April when Nate and I were in a Jacksonville hotel unpacking our bags, just a few days into a nearly month-long trip. He looked at me and said, “So, maybe we should think of moving back.” I immediately replied, “I have 40 Windermere homes favorited in my Trulia account.”

It’s a little hard to write this and admit failure. A pretty big failure. But the truth is, had we not have moved to Nashville, I always would have wondered “what if” and longed to leave Florida. But I am truly counting down the days to moving day, and I will forever be grateful for our four crazy years in Nashville, because that’s how long it took us to have that Wizard of Oz no-place-like-home moment… There really is no place like home. And we no longer have to be that weird 30 something couple with no kids who love Disney- We’ll be back home with our people. ;)

I can’t wait to make dinner dates with friends that don’t revolve around our travel schedule. And mainly, I can’t wait to have time to spend with my husband again. To own my life again. And let’s be honest- To be down the street from Disney again! I know this is laying on the cheese just a bit thick, but home really is wherever I’m with Nathanial. And I could have a million dollar flat overlooking the Eiffel Tower, but if life’s too crazy that I don’t have time off with my husband? Deal breaker. We come first and I’m looking forward to a life of watching TV on our couch together, date nights at Disney, and cooking dinner together like normal people.

Wow, that was long and ramble-y, even for me! In summary, life=good, house=sold, husband=favorite, Orlando=home.

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Disney Roots Holiday Wishes Walt Disney World

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Four years ago tomorrow, our best friends exchanged vows under a magical acacia tree in Tanzania, Africa. We still haven’t gotten around to editing all of our trip photos- How sad is that?! Until I eventually do a week long blog dedication to our African adventure, you can relive Lorie and Jon’s love story through the blog links below. :) Happy 4th on the 4th, kids!!

Tanzania Africa Wedding Acacia Tree

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I was torn on whether or not to write about this, but seeing as this blog is here to share love stories between our couples, well… There’s no greater love story than that of Wallace and Evelyn.

Today Nate and I are in Indiana celebrating the life of his late grandfather, Wallace.

Wallace was one of the first computer programers in America. He was never without his camera and a smile, and everyone in town knew and loved him. Nate and I went to the post office in Linton a couple years ago and when the woman at the register found out that Nate was Wallace’s grandson, her face lit up. Every time he’d leave the post office, down the stairs out front, she’d see him playfully jump over the last two steps. 85-year-old Wallace.

More than anything in the world, Nate’s grandpa adored and cherished his wife. 10 years ago when I met him, it was clear that Wallace didn’t think he married the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world, he knew it and let everyone around know. This became even more obvious in the last few years once his health took a turn. He’d go the whole day without speaking. Then after dinner, I’d hear him whisper a sweet “I love you” to his wife, like he spent the whole day saving up the energy to let her know how he felt.

There are a few memories that are so incredibly special to me that I’ll always remember about their relationship: Two Christmases ago, Nate snuck a kiss with me when no one was around at the bottom of the staircase in his grandparents’ home. Turns out, Grandma was on the other side of the room, and she gave us the funniest look of shock with a smile and walked away with a, “well, well, well!” The next day, Grandma told me that Grandpa, who didn’t see the kiss, randomly kissed her in the very same spot that Nate did. “I guess that’s the kissing spot, huh!” she smiled.

My other favorite was one of our first times seeing Nate’s grandpa after we eloped. We were all out to dinner, and Nate was seated next to Grandpa, me next to Nate. After the family prayed, Nate kissed my hand, and Grandpa smiled at him and whispered, “Aren’t we lucky?”

I will never, ever forget that special man, the first grandfather figure I had in my life. His legacy is a wonderful one, with his two amazing daughters and three grandchildren- One who shares his energy, good heart, love for technology and photography, but most of all, unwavering love for their wives.

Godspeed, Grandpa- We love you.

Wallace Boyd

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Crazy Bubbles

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