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A few times a year, we begin photography at a local spa. The great thing about these locations is that, by their nature, they’re very calm places. We like that. :)

So we started the day with a very calm Kim and about 30 minutes into the day, we realize one of our past brides is working at the front desk! And I don’t mean we shot her wedding 4 months ago, it was more like 4 years! There’s no photo, unfortunately, but it was nice to see you Lea!

A little bit of hide-the-bride in the nursery and down the aisle we go!

I don’t remember his name, but their pastor was amazing. :) When Nate remembers something that was said, you know it was good!

If you follow us on Twitter at all, you might remember something about a zoo wedding in November. This was it! In our ~6 years of weddings, we’ve never had an opportunity quite like this. Thank you, Kim and Mike!! :)

As any blog reader knows, I’m a big proponent of the first look. It usually helps smooth out the wedding day timeline. But then there are days like this where we have over 90 minutes for portraits before the reception! While we took Kim and Mike around for photos, their guests got to explore the zoo. So cool!

Kim was a dream to work with all day- Light rain didn’t phase her at all when we arrived at the Brevard Zoo, and when she suggested we go into the aviary for photos in her wedding gown, my jaw dropped!

In the back of my head, I’m thinking, “You know what birds do, right?!”  Those of you that know me well know that birds and I don’t exactly get along. As in, Nate would probably have to escort me out after 15 seconds, and there would have been tears, screams, and blood. Hello, haven’t you seen The Birds?! Oh, and no photos would have been taken.

I gladly passed off my camera to Nate and went to play TinyTower on a bench. ;)

Luckily, no one else in the wedding party must have seen Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, or they were incredibly brave, because I love these photos Nate got!


Brushing the bird off her shoulder like it was nothing. Kim, you’re amazing!

Pretending to feed the giraffes since they never showed up. :(

Love me some Baobab trees!

During the first half of the cocktail hour, this little guy was brought out to entertain the guests. For the second half, a sloth came out to… do slothy things. 

“Helloooo, we’re married people now!” I can only assume this is what most couples internally chant as they’re being introduced.

Just as first looks have increased exponentially because our brides are reading the blog, so have private last dances! While all the guests are outside preparing for their sendoff, the couple spends one last romantic dance together in an empty room.

Kim and Mike, thank y’all for being such a dream to photograph! AND FOR THE ICE CREAM!!! :)

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It’s hard to believe while in the peak of wedding season that we only have three more weddings to go before we close out 2011! Our crazy schedule continues, but I’m ready to attack it full-force, complete with Christmas cards addressed, every single present bought and wrapped (ok, so maybe I have one left…), and Huck by my side to ward off evil spirits. Or something like that. :) Either way, I’m pumped for the most wonderful time of the year! Winter is extra special to me, because it’s the season that brought me the love of my life, an engagement ring, and a wedding anniversary!

Anyway, onto the wedding preview! Kim and Mike’s wedding was unlike any we’d ever shot before- Their reception was held at the Brevard Zoo! It was downright cool, and it was one of the most unique venues we’ve ever photographed. I mean, seriously:

Their wedding guests (and us, too!) were given an hour before the cocktail hour to wander the zoo. I think Huck and this little guy would make great friends!

Kim and Mike, have a wonderful honeymoon! :)

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